Mobile Printing at The Farmington Libraries


  1. Select an item to print
    • docx, .pdf, google doc...etc.
    • jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tiff...etc
  2. Select a library to print at
  3. Select Printer
    • Choose Adult or Children (for Main Library print jobs)
      • Black and White (BW)
      • Color (CL)
  4. Enter User Info
    • Enter an email address that you can remember
  5. Select Your Document
    • Click (or tap) "Browse..."
    • Find the file that you want to print
    • Click (or tap) on the file to upload
  6. Submit your print to the queue
    • Click (or tap) the Green Printer Button.
    • It will produce a Ref #
  7. Pay for print and wait
    • Go to the desk
    • Pay for your print
      • 20 per page for Black and White
      • 50 per page for Color

Printing with Printeron

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