Memorial Day Closing

The Farmington Libraries will be closed Saturday, May 25 & Monday, May 27 for Memorial Day. 

Farmington Libraries Virtual Program and Social Media Code of Conduct Policy

Farmington Libraries Virtual Program and Social Media Code of Conduct Policy

The Farmington Libraries strive for an environment where everyone is treated with kindness, empathy, and respect. In order to post a comment to one of the Libraries’ social media accounts or register to attend one of our virtual programs and events you are agreeing to abide by the following code of conduct:

The Farmington Libraries will:

  • Support the right of every presenter, attendee, volunteer, and organizer to feel safe and respected on all virtual platforms.
  • Continue fostering conversations around controversial/sensitive topics and diversity of all types with the understanding that viewpoints and opinions may vary, but respect for each other will remain a constant
  • Have staff actively monitor comments and posts for content that violates our policies
  • Hold our own organizers, presenters, and volunteers to the same high standards

The following behavior will not be tolerated:

  • Language/behavior that intimidates, attacks, or threatens someone and/or their work and/or their identity, especially, but not limited to, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, body type, able-bodiedness, physical appearance, country of origin, immigration status, religion, age, experience level, ancestry, traditions, class, political affiliation, clothing, personal life, etc.
  • Rude/crude/discriminatory photos, language, hate symbols, GIFs, or links
  • Retaliation against anyone who reports harassing/discriminatory behavior

The Farmington Libraries reserve the right to:

  • Delete comments and posts that violate these policies
  • Block and/or report offenders on social media
  • Use our judgment to determine if inappropriate remarks and/or behaviors warrant a warning or immediate dismissal from a virtual program/event
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