Teen Book Review

Song of Silver, Flame Like Night by: Amélie Wen Zhao

Summary: Lan's last remnant of her mother--and the fallen Hin dynasty of her ancestors--is a symbol seared onto her wrist, which, if the mysterious boy she encounters is to be trusted, may be the key to freeing her people by mastering the ancient, forgotten art of practitioning.

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Review "So this might be the best book I've ever read. Literally LOVE this. All the characters are so fleshed out, and the writing itself is amazing/beautiful/Mr. Zhao give me your skill - also why is there no second book yet? def gonna make my parents buy it for my birthday once it comes out. plot, world building, writing, everything? 100/10 for sure I love this so much its lowkey I want to go back in time and re-read it.

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