About Us

The Farmington Libraries

Our Mission

The Farmington Libraries partner with the community to provide free access to services, experiences, and resources that offer opportunities to explore, create, and share ideas.

Our Vision

To build on our proud reputation as a vibrant, energetic and stimulating center of intellectual and social activity by:

  • Attracting, retaining and developing a library staff offering friendly, competent, accurate and expedient customer service.
  • Incorporating new and emerging information technologies enabling access to information locally and globally.
  • Shaping a collection in myriad formats, actual and virtual, which is broad, deep, and rich in quality to meet the needs and expectations of an increasingly diverse community.
  • Kindling the pleasures of reading and learning in young children and enhancing the lives of all library patrons through excellent service and unique library experiences.
  • Providing inviting, comfortable, flexible spaces in which visitors of all ages can enjoy and be inspired by an array of educational, cultural, and recreational experiences.
  • Nurturing community by providing spaces to meet, greet, discuss and debate.
  • Enhancing library services through a combination of stable support from the Town of Farmington and endowment support from the Farmington Village Green and Library Association.
  • Preserving the memories and history of Farmington and the surrounding towns and providing access to those memories both in print and digital media.


Approved by the Farmington Library Committee, Wednesday, June 21, 2006