Memorial Day Closing

The Farmington Libraries will be closed Saturday, May 25 & Monday, May 27 for Memorial Day. 

Behavior Policy


To ensure the enjoyment of the library and its resources, services, and programs for all visitors, the Farmington Libraries through its Executive Director have developed this Behavior Policy.

1. Reasonable quietness should be maintained as each space requires throughout the library. Loud talking and unruly behavior are generally not permitted. The use of cell phones, CD players, or other electronic devices should not interfere with library operations. And, the use of cell phones, external speakers must be discreet as to not annoy others.

2. Interference with, harassment, or intimidation of library staff, volunteers, or other patrons are forbidden.

3. Smoking, vaping, the use of e-cigarettes, narcotics, controlled substances, and the unapproved use of alcohol are not permitted in the libraries or outside the libraries’ on walkways and patios.

4. The possession of weapons is not permitted in the libraries or outside the libraries’ on walkways or patios, with the exception of law enforcement.

5. Animals, other than those trained to assist disabled users or present as part of a library program, are not permitted in the library.

6. Misuse of or damage to library materials, equipment, or furnishings is forbidden.

7. Appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes, must be worn at all times in the library.

8. Children under the age of twelve (12) should be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or caregiver.

9. All library materials, equipment, or furnishings being removed from the premises must be properly checked out.

10. Personal property should not be left unattended in the library.

11. Solicitation inside the library building or outside on its grounds is forbidden without the express, prior consent of the Executive Director.

12. Any of the above behaviors shall be reported to Library Staff who will take appropriate action. No library patron may correct or advise other patrons of their infraction of the above. In the event a library patron attempts to correct any infraction as stated he or she shall be liable for interfering with library operations.

Any individual who fails to comply with the terms of this policy may be asked to leave the library. Repeated non-compliance may result in the loss of library privileges. Behavior that is illegal or that threatens the health or safety of library staff, volunteers, or other patrons will be reported to the police.

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